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About Us

Keepers Of The Garden is a community hub that focuses on outdoor education, urban farming, and sustainable life skills. The garden has existed for over 8 years (formally run by Grow Local South Texas as The Learning Garden).

Although ownership has changed, intentions for space remain the same. Growing nutrient-rich foods for the surrounding community and educating the youth on how to harvest, cook, and eat a wholesome meal they grew themselves. Through hands in the dirt workshops and educational classes, the garden is here to show all how to live a wholesome self-sustainable life!

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Why Go Outside?

As many fact-based studies show, our brains and bodies benefit from having a relationship with nature. Nature therapy is available to everyone when applied properly and it can be as easy as getting outside and disconnected with the virtual world. Balance is key. When you begin spending more time reconnecting yourself with nature. The better you and your body will feel!

Ancient Wisdom

If you look back in history, all of our ancestors practiced this relationship on a daily basis. We consider primitive skills to be a thing of the past but in fact, it is our roots. Creating fire with nothing but sticks and friction is an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Knowing how to live off the land with abundance and opportunity has been humanities way of life for some time. Learning what wild edibles are good to eat and those used for medicine, and how to process animals into tools and materials were taught from a young age.

These lost arts are worth protecting and passing on to the next generation. Today's world, riddled with anxiety, stress, and fear, sure can take a toll on our bodies. Building your relationship with nature is a fantastic way to feel grounded and wholesome and connected in a busy world.

Today I find myself collaborating with businesses and schools within our community. I am a part-time teacher running an outdoor classroom and middle school business where my pupils learn to grow food, create products and sell them at the farmers’ market. Want to learn more about getting in touch with nature? Join us during a workshop to learn more!

Tevin Gray

Owner of Keepers Of The Garden LLC

Tevin is an outdoor educator that runs a local community garden. He teaches sustainability through hands-on skill building for youth as well as adults! This includes workshops, plant-based cooking classes, survival skills, and outdoor gardening activities! Tevin Runs an Outdoor Classroom at CC-Montessori School!

Find us

3914 Up River Rd.

Corpus Christi Texas
Keepers Of The Garden
@ Tom Graham Park